Dauntless releases a new and so cool interactive roadmap

Dauntless interactive roadmap

Plain text and image roadmaps are so boring, don't you think? Apparently, so does Phoenix Labs, as it releases a new interactive roadmap for Dauntless.

This way, you can have fun while investigating the upcoming features for the acclaimed free-to-play monster-hunting action RPG. Those clear islands show features that are actively in development, while the clouded islands are planned features that are yet to enter development. On the other hand, those banners represent features that have already been released.

So, what can you see in the Dauntless interactive roadmap? The Hunt Pass Season 4: Burndown description for example, which will take you to the High Sirrus zone with its arid islands such as the Burning Rose – it also brings new Barbarian armor.

The release of Dauntless on the Epic Games Store along with the PS4 and Xbox One versions are already known and expected for this summer. The Nintendo Switch and mobile launches will come sometime later, when work is wrapped up on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Dauntless campaign is going through a major overhaul and weapon mods and weapon specials are coming as well. You can check more stuff by checking the roadmap.


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