Dauntless adds shady salesman Middleman for your cell exchange needs

dauntless middleman cell salesman

A new and shady figure is coming to Dauntless later this week. He is known as The Middleman and he is the first salesman that allows players to purchase and combine cells in the hub city of Ramsgate. This NPC will be introduced in Dauntless at the same time as two new and related currencies: aetherdust and ace chips. You can acquire aetherdust by breaking down unwanted cells in your inventory. As for ace chips, these are available in the in-game store and are used by the Middleman to fuse two cells faster.

The Middleman offers three new cells for sale every week which you can purchase with aetherdust or platinum: one epic (+3) cell and two rare (+2) cells. If you give him two cells, he'll combine them into something better. For the details on what you should combine, read the official blog post with all the tips.

dauntless middleman cell salesman

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