Dauntless has over 4 million players following PC, PS4 and Xbox One launch

Dauntless million players launch

The official launch of Dauntless on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store (play for free here) is primed for success. In just 24 hours, this monster hunting game… I mean, behemoth hunting game welcomed over half a million new Slayers into the Shattered Isles. This adds to a total of four million players worldwide.

Phoenix Labs did say it hopes that the Dauntless player base triples with the new console launches, so it's off for a great start and that ten million players goal doesn't sound so unattainable. Considering that Dauntless is also coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile in the future, it's completely feasible. I'm curious to see how Dauntless will look and play on mobile devices.

And now I'll leave you with some stats from the first 24 hours of Dauntless since launch on May 21. Over two million player hours in game resulted into over three million hunts. Poor behemoths!


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