Dauntless is getting its first long-range weapon, the Ostian repeaters

Dauntless Ostian repeaters long range weapon

When you're not feeling too confident facing off against those scary behemoths in Dauntless, a true long-range weapon would come in handy. Thankfully, that is exactly what is going to happen with the Ostian repeaters, when they arrive on October 3.

Described by developer Phoenix Labs as “the first Dauntless weapon that truly plays with distance”, the repeaters are uniquely customizable weapons comprised of four parts that may be swapped. There's the barrel, the chamber, the grip and the prism. However, before you delve into the beautiful art of mix and match, you have to craft these parts first. This is a lot like other Dauntless weapons – you need the notes, the parts, and you are far enough along as a Slayer, just go talk to Admiral Zai and he will get to work.

You can see the Ostian repeaters in action on the official blog post.

Dauntless Ostian repeaters long range weapon

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