Dauntless releases Path of the Slayer update with Mastery system and new core progression

Dauntless Path Slayer update

Phoenix Labs has just released the Path of the Slayer update for Dauntless. This is described as the largest content update yet for the monster hunting co-op action RPG and brings the new Mastery system.

The Mastery system is a new way for Slayers to customize their skills through dozens of cards. Each Behemoth and crafted weapon has its own Mastery card with plenty of rewards in store.

The Path of the Slayer also brings a reworked core gameplay experience to Dauntless. The early game tutorial is now much faster to explore, taking you more quickly to the meat of the game. The map and quests were also reworked for a more transparent experience, clearly showing what kind of challenge Slayers can expect from a given hunt.

The Hunt Pass Season 4: Burndown is now live as well, turning Ramsgate into an arid landscape and bringing some limited-time barbaric rewards.

You can check more details on the Path of the Slayer update on the official blog.


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