Dauntless reveals its three Founder’s Packs

Dauntless Founder's alpha

Just as any other good – or bad, in a lot of situations – free-to-play game out there, Dauntless will also have a triad of Founder's Packs for those who want to play the game early and get some bonuses at the same time. Phoenix Labs has just unveiled these packs, named Slayer ($39.99 USD), Hero ($69.99 USD) and Founder ($79.99 USD now, $99.99 in the future), but you have to be logged in the Dauntless website to see them.

The first two packs offer closed beta access and 90 days of Champion status, while the Founder offers access to the founder's alpha and 90 days of Patron status. There are, of course, other things such as titles and founder's flares, dyes and more, so take a look at the packs if you're interested.

The Dauntless alpha is planned for late April, while the open beta is expected during the fall, which should place the closed beta somewhere during the summer.

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