Dauntless details Rezakiri behemoth, “the light that burns”

Dauntless Rezakiri

A new behemoth just received the diary treatment in Dauntless. The Rezakiri looks like a mix between a snake and a moth, but obviously in epic proportions. The word is said to translate from Andari into “the light that burns”, and it's easy to see why.

The Rezakiri shoots beams of burning light from its crystal tail as an initial attack, with thousands of small bullets of energy following, in a way that you're more used to see in bullet hell shooters. It also has a devastating tailspin attack. The key to beat the Rezakiri is movement. Never staying in the same spot, waiting for its attacks. This isn't an easy one, as you can see by the video below.

There's a lot more coming to Dauntless in the coming months, as the roadmap reveals. You can expect plenty of new behemoths and combat refinements, among other things. The Dauntless open beta is scheduled for early 2018.

Dauntless rezakiri


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