Dauntless saved loadouts added to the game with patch 0.9.3

Dauntless saved loadouts

The Dauntless saved loadouts that the Phoenix Labs team promised back in August are now in the game with today's patch 0.9.3. This introduction is one of the most requested by Dauntless players, changing the way that they get prepared for the hunt.

Each player has access to one saved loadout from the start, where they can set the equipment that they use the most for their hunts. Weapons, weapon mods, weapon specials, armor, cells, armor dyes, transmogs, and consumables are items that you can place in a saved loadout slot.

However, it's normal if you want additional saved loadout slots for further convenience. You can unlock more slots through progress and the Mastery system. You can also purchase saved loadouts if you want to, up to nine slots in packs of three.

Check the official Dauntless blog for more info on saved loadouts and other additions that are coming with this patch.


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