Dauntless previews Sharpen Your Skills update with new video

Dauntless sharpen your skills

Phoenix Labs has unveiled all there is to know about the Dauntless Sharpen Your Skills update, coming on December 8, 2017, with a new video preview.

We've already discussed some of the new additions in detail. The two new Behemoths are Skarn and Kharabak, while a new weapon called War Pike is also making an appearance. The developer preview video is finally showing the first footage from the two new Behemoths, and goes a little further with more details on the remaining features.

For example, there's the Cell System, which sounds a lot like your traditional gem socketing option. You get to socket several kinds of improvements and buffs into your gear, giving your slayer defensive buffs, damage multipliers and other things. Then we have an overhaul to the progression system, with hunts grouped by region, so that you spend less time searching for a group and more time playing.

There are some other features, but the Dauntless team also wanted to give you a preview of the upcoming Frostfall holiday event, releasing soon after the Sharpen Your Skills update. Frostfall will improve on the character creation with new hairstyles and beards, as well as more hunts and seasonal items.

Dive into the video below to know all about this.


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