Dauntless hits 6 million players in less than a week

Dauntless six million players

Wait, isn't this getting out of hand? Dauntless has just surpassed six million players, doubling its player base since the PC open beta. A few days ago we mentioned how this action RPG had reached the impressive milestone of five million players and now that feat is shattered to pieces.

This relentless player numbers increase led to longer queue times, which Phoenix Labs has been working on “tirelessly”.

Some new info was revealed as well. During this first launch week on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store, Dauntless saw over 20 million hunts, more than 15 million hours of playtime and 60% of the hunting parties were comprised of cross-platform players.

I wouldn't want to be a behemoth as well, since over 13 million behemoths were defeated in just a few days.

Dauntless is a great game and one that ended up benefiting from the Monster Hunter World effect – the interest over Capcom's latest Monster Hunter game gave Dauntless a marketing boost because… well, monster hunting games suddenly became all the rage.

Dauntless is planned for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices as well.


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