Dauntless unleashes massive Seeking the Horizon update on May 2

dauntless island gameplay update

In the road to open beta (starting May 24), Dauntless is about to get a new and massive update. Titled Seeking the Horizon, this update releases on May 2 and adds several new features, including a new progression system and a reputation system.

Phoenix Labs has mentioned several times their plans of creating an enthusiastic Evergame (aka endgame) experience for Dauntless and the Seeking the Horizon update begins to showcase this. The new progression system, for example, isn't just about quest lines and crafting requirements, but a platform that will show details such as the relationships that you build with the characters in the game world, and which is prepared for all the future content coming to Dauntless.

A new world map is coming, allowing slayers to pick their hunts and see what's in store for them. As for the reputation system, this will allow slayers to earn the favor of three characters (with more to come in the future) capable of giving them rewards for their loyalty.

Seeking the Horizon is also bringing more choice for your slayer, besides the usual hunt; you'll be able to choose between embarking on a “Patrol,” “Expedition” or “Pursuit.” A Patrol will let players select the zone for the hunt, but not the Behemoth or island. The Expedition lets them choose the island, but not the Behemoth. Finally, Pursuit is all about choosing the Behemoth you want to take down.

There are more features coming with this update, including new side quests, gear and customization systems, and more. You can check all the details in the Seeking the Horizon update page.

Dauntless Seeking the Horizon update

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