Daybreak is developing a free to play shooter?

You may remember Daybreak Game Company as the studio responsible for the game-changing yet ultimately canceled EverQuest Next, but also from Landmark and H1Z1, two free-to-play games that switched to buy-to-play and suffered quite some player backlash from it. Now, the same studio could be hinting at a return to free-to-play with a new and unannounced project – a triple-A shooter.

Daybreak is looking for a Senior Game Designer “to join a development team working on an unannounced, multi-platform project” and with “experience with monetizing free to play systems” and “familiarity with core systems of FPS game systems is a must.”

Knowing that the studio has experience in shooters with PlanetSide 2 and that smaller, fast-paced first-person shooters seem to be the new focus (Overwatch, BattleBorne…), Daybreak could be recruiting for an Overwatch kind of game. It should take a long time before we know what it looks like though.


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