Dead Frontier 2 is coming, looks like an online survival horror dream

Dead Frontier 2 early access launch

You may not quite remember it, but Dead Frontier was an atmospheric, top-down online survival game where players had to survive in a zombie infested city. Released in 2008, it was a nice but humble game.

Developer Creaky Corpse wasn't resting on its laurels, though; the team is hard at work on the sequel, aptly titled Dead Frontier 2, and what we've seen is enough to get us excited. In fact, this could be one of the coolest zombie games ever, building on the original game but also with an inescapable feel of the Left 4 Dead and State of Decay series. It's now in full 3D, played in third-person, and best of all, free-to-play – the devs say that you can only get cosmetic items and utility upgrades with real money, nothing that will give you a gameplay advantage.

The official Dead Frontier 2 launch trailer was just released, clearly ahead of time – still nearly two months for the actual launch -, but this will surely give you a good, rotten taste of what's to come. It's definitely promising, and the thought of having to keep your ammo and make every shot count is suited to the dreary atmosphere of the game. Scavenging is obviously a part of it, and you can also help other survivors if you wish to.

Dead Frontier 2 can be played as a part of a team or you can just go solo, it's your choice. Later down the road the plan is to add global events where you have to take down huge boss creatures or defend outposts from the infected, as well as the ability to barricade buildings and turn them into your very own safe house. Finally, a mention to PvP, in case you want to take a break from fighting AI-controlled zombies.

Dead Frontier 2 enters free-to-play Early Access on August 31, 2018, and the developers plan on staying there for two years.

Thanks to Lucas Clausen for the tip.

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