Dead Frontier 2 Early Access release delayed to September 5

Dead Frontier 2 early access launch

Dead Frontier 2 didn't make it to the original Early Access release date of August 31, as you may have noticed by now. In a statement where the developers say that they are extremely sorry, heartbroken and probably cried themselves to sleep – but this isn't confirmed -, Creaky Corpse announces the new date. You can expect the Dead Frontier 2 Early Access release to arrive on September 5 at 12pm UDT.

But what happened? Well, they decided to set up some extra servers to handle more players, but then discovered that things were much slower than before. So, they have spent a few days trying to solve this issue, which means that they weren't able to use the time to fix the last few bugs and work on the launch preparation. They also needed to eat and get some rest, as not having meals for three days can make anyone dizzy and confused.

When all is said and done, we – and the Dead Frontier 2 community – understand the situation and are completely fine with the extremely short delay. It's better to have a stable product than to get a rushed, bugged release that would lead to negative reviews and a big hit on the potential of the game.

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