The dead are walking: Dead Frontier 2 is now available on Steam

Dead Frontier 2 is now available on Steam

After a short delay, the survival horror MMORPG Dead Frontier 2 is now available on Steam. This is the Early Access stage and you can download the game for free, there isn't a price tag as many other Early Access games require.

The current reviews are on the mostly positive side, but you can also spot a few negative reviews due to some crashes or other technical issues. There is, however, one player that criticizes the small inventory size and how you will fill the storage slots (including the crates) in an hour or so – of course, storage slots is one of the things that you can buy with real money. Let's hope that all the potential of Dead Frontier 2 isn't wasted due to some questionable design decisions. After all, that is what Early Access should be used for – improving the game, fixing some technical and design flaws.

We will have a Dead Frontier 2 first look gameplay video soon, so keep watching this space.

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