Dead Frontier 2 open world is going to happen, level 30-50 content in development

Dead Frontier 2 open world

Zombies are going wild and free when the Dead Frontier 2 open world update rolls out early next year. This is a long-time request from fans of the horror MMO shooter and the developer has finally decided to tackle the challenge.

Developer Creaky Corpse feels that Dead Frontier 2's world is somewhat small and cramped, and there isn't as much variety to it as he hoped for. That is why the next months will be used to work on turning Dead Frontier 2 into an open world game, as well as finally getting level 30-50 content available.

This is a huge task and we'll begin by covering the open world aspect. The developer – it's just one man with some external help, in case you aren't aware – felt burnt-out from the original development, so much that in November 2018 he decided to evenly split his time between Dead Frontier 1 (more profitable) and Dead Frontier 2 (“hasn't exactly gone to plan”). But now, he is feeling better and confident that he can tackle the open world challenge.

The Dead Frontier 2 open world will be seamless, with an entire outdoor game without loading screens or fading – individual rooms, however, will remain as they are for now, requiring a short loading time. The open world is expected to be much larger than the current game, with more diversity added to the mix, including forests, parks, and more rural locations. The number of buildings types to explore will roughly double. These aspects will add to a feeling of exploration that the current Dead Frontier 2 experience lacks.

It's unclear how cars will be affected by the open world changes, but the dev's plan is for them to be used to fast travel between large outposts. The goal of making them fully drivable isn't out of the picture, but it's too soon to think about it.

As for new content for level 30 up to 50, the dev already has some work done on the new zombies and bosses. Over 30 weapons including assault rifles and chainsaws are planned as well, along with new clothing and armor.

Large scale World Boss battles where all Dead Frontier 2 players cooperate to take down a creature is something that is coming in the next few months. The monster only shows up at set times during the day, something that every MMORPG fan surely knows how it goes.

Two other boss types are planned as well. One of them will be similar to the Nemesis of Resident Evil or the Pyramid Head of Silent Hill, chasing you through several locations and being nearly impossible to kill. It will mostly be a game of cat and mouse, where you have to run and hide to survive. The other boss type will play the exact opposite, running and hiding from the player. You have to catch it and kill it to earn a mysterious reward.

Sounds like a daunting task, with the Dead Frontier 2 developer estimating that getting all the artwork done is something to take between two and three months. All things considered, early next year is the estimated date, but a single-player test version should be ready within the next three to four weeks.


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