Dead Maze outfits show that you can kill zombies with style

Dead Maze oufits

Dead Maze is an upcoming survival MMO where players will have to team up and fight the zombie plague. But will you do it wearing your old rags? Of course not! There are plenty of clothing options to take on the zombie menace with style.

Developer Atelier 801 detailed some of the customization options that you can find. The first thing you should know is that you can change top, pants, shoes and hats, besides the obvious weapons, so this should give you some nice combinations.

There are three starting outfits that should be good for you to cover some ground, until some more suited clothes come your way. Fancy clothes are an option, if you don't mind seeing some blood sprayed over them (disclaimer: blood spraying not included, probably). If you prefer to be the healer of the group, there are several medic outfit options for you to wear, with specific bonuses tied to each one. There are job outfits available too, including farmer, electrician, cashier, firefighter or police officer. Once again, bonuses are expected (the firefighter has extra fire damage, for example).

But Dead Maze is about a zombie apocalypse, so you should pack some heavy firepower whenever you can. Military outfits look the part and defense and attack boosts are part of the deal.

Finally, there are plenty of casual clothes, you can even hop into a bikini or bathing suit, and the devs even say that you can strip yourself completely. Probably with a The Sims kind of mosaic-blur thing, we're guessing.

Take a look at the Dead Maze outfits below, and here you can learn more about the game, including watching the first trailer. Dead Maze is a free-to-play game and is releasing early 2018.

Starter outfits
dead maze outfits

Classy outfits
dead maze outfits

Healer outfits
dead maze outfits

Job outfits
dead maze outfits

Military outfits
dead maze outfits

Casual/bathing outfits
dead maze outfits

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