Deadbreed is a new creepy free-to-play MOBA from Sweden

Deadbreed is a new, upcoming MOBA from Sweden and Stefan Ljungquist, one ex-Just Cause developer. You know, the franchise where Rico Rodriguez goes all GTA in some beautiful and corrupt islands.

Deadbreed delivers a grim take on the MOBA genre, but it's not just the creepy characters and somber environments – the team aims to bring something new to the table, mostly a deep level of hero customization, from the look to the way it plays. How different this will be from Dota 2 is yet to be seen. Deadbreed includes RPG elements and the matches are 3v3 online or against the AI. The teams get to chose the Sentinel which will become the endgame bossfight challenge.

Deadbreed is up for voting on Steam Greenlight and the official website is here. The release is scheduled for 2014.

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