Death or Glory update has just launched for Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates, the aerial combat MMO has just received the new Death or Glory update, which brings a new cloud arena called Fractal Space. This Deathmatch map is the highlight of the update, and has a little lore going for it:

“Fractal Space was created by an ancient, insane race, driven by only one thing – the instinct to destroy. To hunt down these demented creatures is a dangerous but lucrative undertaking as each of them contains a core that is extremely valuable on black market – a perfect opportunity for a band of unscrupulous pirate cutthroats!”

The Death or Glory update also brings a Brotherhood Ladder System (a new game mode where Cloud Pirate Brotherhoods form teams of 7 Captains and participate in special Brotherhood versus Brotherhood combat during specific days and times of the week on standard maps and in standard game modes), and a special reward for the first victory of the day (grants double the usual XP).

Watch the video below to get in the spirit of this update. Cloud Pirates is currently in closed beta but we would bet it won't be long until it jumps (or better, flies) into open beta.


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