Destiny Child crossover event with Kemono Friends 2 is cute and furry

Destiny Child Kemono Friends 2

A little research was necessary to find out what Kemono Friends 2 is all about. The character portraits already gave it up, but I wanted to learn more before telling you about this crossover with Destiny Child.

Kemono Friends 2 is an anime show where animals were anthropomorphized into girls, pretty much as girls were anthropomorphized into warships in the game Kan Colle. So, furry anime girls, if you're into that sort of thing.

This Destiny Child x Kemono Friends 2 crossover event is the unlikeliest of collaborations. Destiny Child is known for its mature styling and there would be dozens of better suited anime shows for a crossover. However, I can see it working and having some fans.

If you're – extremely – lucky you may get Serval, Racoon, and Fennec in all their Live2D glory. But you know how RNG goes, so cross your fingers if you're a big fan.


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