Destiny’s Sword is a strategy MMORPG that deals with mental health

Destiny Sword MMORPG

Games that properly deal with sensitive mental issues are few and far between. Out of my head I remember a few: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, The Cat Lady and Actual Sunlight are some of the best examples that dare to touch on this subject. Destiny's Sword may be the next game to join the select few and it will be free-to-play on release.

2Dogs Games was founded in 2017 and includes industry veterans that have worked on games such as Warframe, Second Life, Crackdown and FarCry Primal, among others. For Destiny's Sword, the team wants to create a squad-based strategy MMORPG where you have to defeat your enemies while looking out for your soldiers' physical and mental health.

It's a game with all the feels, as the Insight Engine technology provides over 80 different feelings for your characters – I'm betting that most of them will be a bummer, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. Death can also be a problem, methinks.

Each soldier has a unique personality and backstory, becoming affected by the events during combat, the way they relate with other characters, random life events and more. Picking up on clues from someone about other person's issues will be a part of the game, with the eventual bad blood that it may bring to those involved.

Destiny's Sword is a game about actions and consequences, and your role in helping characters understanding the severe nature of some of those actions.

All this talk and not much was said about the effectiveness of the strategy combat. We'll approach this at a later date, as Destiny's Sword is slated for a April 2020 open beta on PC, with console releases coming later. A Kickstarter for the game will launch on May 30, 2019 and will include Early Access for backers.

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