Destiny’s Sword PAX West trailer gives you a proper look into combat

Destiny's Sword PAX West trailer

2Dogs Games just released the Destiny's Sword PAX West trailer. This footage will show you the combat environments in their full glory for the first time.

If you recall from the previous prototype videos, Destiny's Sword's combat featured barebones locations. It left us wondering where our squad would be fighting, but now we can see that one of the places is a lush forest. Weather effects also seem to play a big role in your team's psychological and mental health, as they fight in adverse conditions.

It's not groundbreaking stuff, but it looks decent and serves a bigger purpose. After all, Destiny's Sword is a game about caring for your soldiers and watch how combat stress and other aspects affect their state of mind.

A Destiny's Sword demo will be available to play at PAX West 2019.


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