Destiny’s Sword pre-alpha demo releasing on November 11

Destiny's Sword pre-alpha demo

Very few games dare to touch into sensitive issues such as mental health, depression, and trauma, but Destiny's Sword (not to be confused with Destiny 2) is going there. The strategy RPG developed by 2Dogs Games comes with a story written by sci-fi author M. D. Cooper, exploring the very real consequences of combat.

To celebrate the veterans around the world whose brave stories of active and post-service life have inspired this game, the Destiny's Sword pre-alpha demo will be released on November 11, 2019. The date was chosen precisely because it serves as the celebration of the Veterans Day and Remembrance Day.

The Destiny's Sword pre-alpha demo will release on Steam, so you can check the game's page to keep up to date. This demo will offer you an early sneak peek on the life of the squad in Destiny's Sword, from the raging battles to the aftermath of the clashes, as your soldiers deal with emotional stress and personal conflict.

The full free-to-play launch of Destiny's Sword is planned for March 31, 2020.

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