Devilian is getting PVP in Non-Devilian form

With the third closed beta test over, Trion Worlds is now looking into the near future of Devilian. In a new producer letter, the studio reveals that there has been “one suggestion, one request, and one piece of feedback that has been asked for more than anything else. PVP in Non-Devilian form”. The great news is that developer Bluehole Ginno has taken that into account and starting this week, Non-Devilian form PVP will be coming to the game. In fact, it will be available this weekend November 19th – 23rd in Closed Beta Test 4 or Wednesday, November 18th if you’re in Alpha.

Devilian War, an all new open world PVP mode is also introduced, and French and German beta testers are going to have their own localized versions in the next beta. Great news in a game that is pretty decent if you like your Diablo hack and slash MMOs – watch our Devilian first look below and sign up here if you want to take a shot at the next beta.


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