Diablo Keeper: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot launches

Nearly a year after it entered open beta, Ubisoft's Diablo meets Dungeon Keeper free-to-play hack and slash RPG The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot officially launches today – you can sign up to play here. This game has a great concept and some really nice humor touches but it had a bit of controversy during beta due to the balance breaking cash items and gameplay exploits such as making the layout of the rooms and traps in such a way that it was impossible for any player to beat.

Hopefully the major issues are now fixed and you can play The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot and fully explore its competitive nature. During the open beta the game welcomed some really crazy pets and a forth character, the rock girl Runaway.

To celebrate the launcher, there's a nice short trailer that you can watch below as well as a limited launch promotion on the Infinite Pack, something that will give you everything you need to get started in the game, with no time restraints.


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