Diablo-like Torchlight is now free on the Epic Games Store

Diablo-like Torchlight free

After the heartbreaking adventures of Last Day of June and the cooking madness of Overcooked, the Epic Games Store is now in full-on Diablo mode.

Torchlight is the new free game that you can grab until July 18, 2019. It was developed by Runic Games, which isn't running anymore. However, some of the ex-Diablo staff is now working at Echtra Games, which is developing the third game of the Torchlight series, Torchlight Frontiers.

It's amazing how everything seems to add up, right? This is a great time to get acquainted with the first Torchlight game and prepare yourself for the upcoming free-to-play action MMORPG Torchlight Frontiers. There is no excuse for not wanting to try a class as original as the Railmaster and his little train of doom.

Don't miss Torchlight and remember to come back on July 18, when a new free game appears. It's Limbo, the classic and gloomy side-scrolling adventure from Playdead. You'd have to be crazy to miss on this game and its spiritual follow-up, Inside.


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