Digital Extremes explains why The Amazing Eternals would probably fail

the amazing eternals

Digital Extremes, the Canadian studio that brought us the acclaimed Warframe, was working on a new game, the hero shooter The Amazing Eternals. However, the studio decided to cancel development during closed beta.

While the reasons initially mentioned made sense, Meridith Braun, Vice-President of Publishing at Digital Extremes, explained it in more detail to

“We felt it offered a good concept, an original visual aesthetic and a great feel. But we found that the market it was about to enter was crowded, super competitive, and surprisingly unforgiving,” Braun explains. “Many other titles in the genre are facing an uphill battle despite being good games. So, it's more about it being the right game at the wrong time.”

“It's always been hard to launch a successful game, just ask the thousands of great developers where, for every 10 games that are OK, maybe only one or two really succeed,” Braun says. “What we're seeing now, however, is an explosion of choices for developers and players. The game industry has vastly expanded in the last seven to eight years in many ways. It's not about console wars anymore. There is no question that the PC has grown substantially as a platform. Steam is a big part of that. It has rocketed to new heights as a marketplace for indie and AAA PC titles. But it's far from the only choice or platform. In less than a minute, gamers can download a free high-quality game on their Android phones or iPhones. They can play free games on their browsers. It can be overwhelming to make a choice.”

Ultimately, Digital Extremes considered that The Amazing Eternals wouldn't differentiate itself enough from the hero shooter market, and the “explosion of choices” can make a great project go under in no time. Just ask Master X Master.


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