Dirty Bomb: Free FPS from Brink developer begins Steam closed beta

Dirty Bomb is the upcoming FPS from Splash Damage, makers of shooters Enemy Territory and Brink, among others. Dirty Bomb entered closed beta in October 2013 and we just got news that it has just entered closed beta on Steam. To enter the beta you still have to sign-up at the official website and keep your fingers crossed for a Dirty Bomb key. Along with the beta, the studio has announced that the NDA has been lifted, so you can share your impressions and record gameplay.

Dirty Bomb has been in a bit of a turmoil, in what its name is concerned. When Nexon grabbed the publishing rights, the name was changed to something that couldn't sound more bland: Extraction. Why not just name it Deathmatch or Capture the Flag? Anyway, six months later the marketing folk luckily decided to call it Dirty Bomb again because it “better reflects its personality.” Alright then.

Dirty Bomb is set in London and gameplay is said to be tactical and highly competitive, so we'll see soon.



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