DMM’s Flower Knight Girl is coming in April 2016

Nutaku, publisher of Kanpani Girls and Shooting Girl, has just announced Flower Knight Girl, a game that is coming to the English market in April 2016. Developed by DMM, Japanese developers of the Kantai Collection (KanColle), this game is a browser RPG where you must assemble the Flower Knight Girls and lead them into battle against horrific creatures. Just as in the games previously mentioned, you have to recruit and upgrade your characters – girl knights in the case at hand – and prepare them for battle.

There are over 80 Flower Knight girls to recruit and Nutaku is known for the high quality artwork that each character has – that and the totally explicit games, but let's not go there. As for the rest, it's a matter of going into quests, getting items for your knights to equip and taking part in weekly event quests to recruit rare characters.

Flower Knight Girl is available in April at the Nutaku website.

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