Dofus and Wakfu successor Waven begins closed alpha, parlez-vous Français?

Waven begins closed alpha

The first closed alpha for Ankama's upcoming MMORPG Waven is now live. It started yesterday, March 20, and is going to continuously remain live until it transitions into the beta stage. There is no date for the beta, however.

The closed alpha is only available in French (oui, oui!) and there was a limited number of keys available. 500 players were selected, each one receiving two Waven alpha keys, which means that there is an initial cap of 1,000 players. The goal is to have dedicated players who are willing to spend time building decks and testing the 1v1 combat gameplay, so that the team can balance the classes.

The Waven alpha contains one home island where you live and access the different options, a god statue where you can change your class, seven different classes (Iop, Xelor, Sram, Osamodas, Eniripsa, Cra and Sacrieur), 52 companions, deck building, PvP 1v1 gameplay and an improved combat UI.

Waven is a free-to-play MMORPG. We'll get back to Waven as soon as we have more news, such as a beta date or English language patch.


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