DokeV gameplay trailer shows Pearl Abyss taking a stunning shot at Pokemon

DokeV gameplay trailer

Pearl Abyss has revealed the first DokeV gameplay trailer and boy, you are in for quite a surprise. During our previous coverage you learned that it was a family friendly open world MMORPG for PC, but it is also coming to consoles. DokeV runs on Pearl Abyss' next generation proprietary game engine, and something that is a step up from what we see in Black Desert Online is bound to be amazing.

DokeV (pronounced doh-keh-vee) is clearly inspired by Pokémon, as you move in a vibrant open world collecting creatures and using them in battle. Apparently, these creatures aren't visible for everyone, but you can see them – the trailer gives the idea that when you wear these special glasses, you get to see the Dokebi, the magical creatures that aren't absolutely inspired by Pokémon.

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The Dokebi are unique creatures that grow and increase their power from people's dreams. The trailer shows a huge bear, a fox, a ballerina hippo, a roller-skating bunny, and a rubber ducky, to name just a few. You should be able to move across the open world using your skateboard, but there are other vehicles including a car

The DokeV housing system is expected to be one of the highlights of this next generation cartoon MMORPG. The amazing graphics should provide some impressive houses and furniture, and the trailer also gives you a taste of the many different costumes that you get to wear.

Obviously, combat in DokeV will play a vital role. For now we can only speculate, but the trailer hints at the option to bring three Dokebi with you into battle. It's unclear if the player character actively participates in the clashes or if you just order the Dokebi around.

DokeV gameplay trailer housing system

The reactions to the DokeV gameplay trailer are nothing short of overwhelming, with some users saying that this looks much better than Pokemon Sword and Shield.

But now you might say “Hey, it's just a CGI trailer, what's so special about it?” Well, the special part is that Pearl Abyss has a disclaimer saying that the trailer consists of actual in-game footage. A new engine in this day and age could deliver some truly impressive results, and judging by Pearl Abyss' expertise with the Black Desert Online engine, we're inclined to believe that the game will be as impressive as it looks in this trailer.

A DokeV beta test is planned for 2020, and you can register on the official site to receive news straight to your inbox. 

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