Done with Fallout 4? Play a Fallout MMO right now

ZeniMax Online new MMO

So, you took a few days off to play Fallout 4 and you're pretty much done with it? Well, it looks like you won't be getting another Fallout game soon enough and while Bethesda has the rights to make a Fallout MMORPG, this could still take a long time to happen, if at all – considering that Elder Scrolls Online isn't exactly doing terrifically, an online Fallout game could not sound as appealing as it did to Bethesda a while ago.

And this is where fans come to the rescue (thanks 2P)! There are a few free Fallout MMOs out there that were created with love and care by fans of the series, specifically of the two first Fallout games – you know, the ones with an isometric point of view and brutal, uncensored gameplay. FOnline 2 is the big one and is set during the year 2237, just 4 years before events known from Fallout 2 took place. It currently has a nice playerbase and all the staples that made the franchise great: a main quest line and side-quests, PvP, you can join the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel or go at it alone, and you can enter in turn-based fights in random encounters all over the Wasteland, or participate in massive real-time battles between rival factions to take control over towns.

Do note that you need a copy of Fallout 2 to play this MMORPG, something that should be easy to find and cost you no more than a few bucks. Here is one gameplay video.

The other fan-made Fallout MMORPG is based on the FOnline 2 engine. Called FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix, it is set in Phoenix, Arizona, around 2220. This one is PvP-focused, combat is completely in real-time and includes a completely reworked character system, an advanced system of factions and reputation, four main factions (Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency, the Family, the Brahminboys and the V-Technologists), and more. This is completely free but just as FOnline 2, you need a copy of Fallout 2 to play.

Now the ball is in Bethesda's side, so let's hope the studio is actually developing a Fallout MMORPG and learning from the mistakes made with Elder Scrolls Online.


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