Don’t Even Think is a humans vs werewolves survival game for PS4 available now

Don’t Even Think PS4

Don’t Even Think is an asymmetric PvP survival game by Perfect World Games and Dark Horse Studio. Exclusively for PlayStation 4, this is a free-to-play title and launched on July 10, 2019.

The developers are clearly happy with the initial results, saying that Don’t Even Think has reached over 150,000 downloads. Player feedback is being received and used to improve the experience. According to Zheng Yu, the “team has been paying constant attention to players’ voices and we’re committed to delivering the best gaming experience we can to them.”

Various updates are planned for Don't Even Think, including the game's tutorial, character movement, controls, grouping, werewolf balance and more.

In Don't Even Think, you can choose to play as a human or a werewolf in asymmetric PvP combat. Each faction has its own perks and win conditions, with the escape on the rescue helicopter being the ultimate goal.

You can download Don't Even Think for free from the PlayStation Store.


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