Dragomon Hunter is getting the Knight class in China

Dragomon Hunter has just entered closed beta in NA and EU on October 15, 2015 and the China version is already getting the second new class – the first one was the Ninja and was released in August 2015. The sixth class is the Knight and is coming with the new expansion which raises the level cap to level 40. It also brings a new 40-player raid which is going to be the biggest challenge yet.

The Knight is a balanced class which specializes into two paths: one is more offensive and uses a spear and shield, while the other is focused on defense and uses a sword and shield. As expected, the Ninja and Knight classes should join the ranks of the western versions of Dragomon Hunter soon enough, along with the rest of the content that the expansions bring.

You can watch our Dragomon Hunter first look video if you're still unsure about what this game is all about and sign up for the beta here.

Dragomon Hunter Knight female Dragomon Hunter Knight male


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