Dragomon Hunter is merging two servers into one big server

The latest Producer Letter from Dragomon Hunter reveals the plan of merging the two US servers in a single, big server. The idea is to have this done by May 25, if nothing comes up that requires a postponement. The reason is that players were “complaining about the fact that cities and PVP Arenas are becoming emptier”, so it makes more sense to have one big server instead of two small ones, resulting in a more efficient use of resources and focus on improving the game, PM Trankuilo said.

With this being said, we got to see a glimpse of what Dragomon Hunter is getting in the following months: new maps, dungeons and increased level cap, a wedding system, new types of dungeons, new Guild bosses, a new Class and more.

Besides running Aura Kingdom and Dragomon Hunter, Aeria Games is also publishing Twin Saga (originally Astral Realm) later this year, another game from X-Legend Entertainment.

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