Dragomon Hunter shows some of its mounts

Aeria Games has revealed a few of the creatures, or Dragomon, that you'll be able to battle and use in the upcoming free anime MMORPG Dragomon Hunter. It's not in video format this time, but in eight colorful screenshots, which you can see below.

While the game was renamed for North America and Europe as Dragomon Hunter from its original Dragon Slayer title, you'll definitely spot a couple of creatures which aren't completely, utterly dragons. You'll see a crab-like creature, a pink fox and even a praying mantis kind of mount. The Dragomon name actually makes some sense, even if it's clearly trying to be connected to the colossal Pokémon franchise.

Developed by X-Legend Entertainment of Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal fame, Dragomon Hunter is going to enter beta this fall and you can sign up for it here.


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