Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest is a flashy anime MMORPG

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest

Dragon Ball MMORPGs usually come and go with a whimper, despite the ridiculous potential that the famed anime holds. Now we have Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest, another – you guessed it – China-exclusive MMORPG that is in development for mobile devices.

Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest, or Dragon Ball Strongest Warrior (龙珠最强之战), depending on where you look, is a game where you live live Son Goku's story. Starting with young Son Goku, you get to recruit other characters to your team such as Chichi, Krillin, and Yamcha, and you get to find other familiar faces including Piccolo, Bulma, and Vegeta.

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A quick glimpse at Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest shows a fairly standard mobile MMORPG, but one where the strength of the cast could be enough to convince a respectable player base. It is highly unlikely to ever reach the western territories, though, so English-speaking fans of Dragon Ball shouldn't get too excited about it. Of course, there are ways to try the game in its original Chinese version, as it is now available in China.

According to MMOCulture, the game is somewhat enjoyable, with bright visuals, a large roster that even includes some lesser-known characters, and … Bulma in her classic bunny costume. Sounds good to me. 

There is another Dragon Ball MMORPG in development for PC called Dragon Ball: Legend of Time and Space, and it is bound to be a China exclusive. The initial impressions seem to be middling, so it will probably go down in history as another failed attempt.

Watch a couple of Dragon Ball: War of the Strongest gameplay videos below. If you're more inclined to Naruto, you should keep an eye out for two upcoming MMOs: the great-looking Naruto Slugfest MMORPG, and Bandai Namco's more tactical Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tribes.


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