Dragon Nest 2 beta trailer is awfully cute and colorful

Dragon Nest 2 beta trailer

If you're eagerly waiting for another dose of Dragon Nest, there's a new Dragon Nest 2 beta trailer to get you in the mood. Between this and World of Dragon Nest, there will be no shortage of anime action for mobile. That's right, both games are coming to mobile, with no PC version in sight.

While World of Dragon Nest will be a parallel story to the original PC MMORPG, Dragon Nest 2 is a sequel in development exclusively for China. The graphics are really colorful and cute, giving it a rare look in a day and age when MMO games tend to be bland and uninspired.

The Dragon Nest 2 beta trailer below was revealed a few days ago in anticipation of the second closed test, which is running since September 19. In case you want to watch actual action, you can see some Dragon Nest 2 gameplay in our previous post.


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