Dragon Nest ‘dwindles’, Nexon transfers rights to Eyedentity Games

Dragon Nest isn't what it used to be, in North America at least. Nexon America is discontinuing service and transferring the game to Eyedentity Games, the Dragon Nest developer, in September 27, 2016. Nexon attributes this to a “community [that] has continued to dwindle” and will even take the game down from Steam.

This post details all the proceedings for those who want to transfer their accounts to the new publisher, including items. The NX currency, however, will have to be spent on other Nexon games (such as Riders of Icarus) as there will be no refunds.

Dragon Nest was once one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs and is still one of the best examples of action combat in an MMO. With the current rush to mobile platforms, sadly you'll only be seeing the sequel, Dragon Nest 2: Legend, in a iOS or Android device.


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