Dragon Raja Battle Royale mode release date revealed

Dragon Raja Battle Royale mode release date

Developer Archosaur Games has revealed the Dragon Raja battle royale mode release date. Contrary to what some gamers might think, this is a highly anticipated mode for a mobile MMORPG that is already filled to the brim with PvP and cooperative events. Dragon Raja players were expecting this mode since the housing system update dropped on May 7, and soon you'll be able to take on other players until only one of you is the last man standing. Or woman, of course.

The Dragon Raja battle royale mode release date is May 21, 2020. Titled Code: Blitzkrieg and available for players of level 70 and above, it features the familiar gameplay loop that fans of the genre are used to seeing in similar games. It isn't the first time that such an action-packed mode finds its way into the more leisurely paced MMORPG games, with other titles including Moonlight Blade, MapleStory 2, or even the standalone Shadow Arena that grew from a Black Desert Online game mode.

Dragon Raja Battle Royale mode release date Blitzkrieg

The official blurb for Blitzkrieg isn't that descriptive, but you surely know where this is going. As soon as you set foot on the map you must look around, scouring the abandoned houses for any gear that you can use, as well as medicines to keep you in top shape. You have to listen to your surroundings to know where your enemies are coming from, and strike when you find the perfect moment to deliver the final blow.

You can play the Dragon Raja battle royale mode solo or team up with friends, with a maximum of 60 players per match. The battle begins as you ride an helicopter and choose your dropping point, using a flying mount such as the hang glider to safely drop on the sprawling map. The island is big enough as to accommodate the several dozens of players, with the circle pushing everyone together for the final confrontation.

Code: Blitzkrieg arrives on Dragon Raja on May 21. You can play Dragon Raja on PC with added comfort using an Android emulator such as LDPlayer, NoxPlayer or Bluestacks.


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