Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System arriving on May 7

Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System update

Archosaur Games is dropping a massive Dragon Raja update on May 7. We're not joking, this is the kind of content expansion that very few PC games can brag about, let alone a mobile MMORPG. But as you probably know by now, this is no bland MMORPG – it is a fully-fledged MMO where you have more activities than you can count. Things will get even more massive when the Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System arrive on May 7, fulfilling the promise of an update by early May.

The highlight of the update is the release of the fifth class, Fighter. These brawlers come with a colossal mecha partner, Titan, which increases the ratio of punch delivery and butt-kicking to an unprecedented degree. You don't need to start the game from scratch with the Fighter class, since every player of level 70 and above may perform a class change by talking to the Class Transfer NPC in Cassell College.

The Dragon Raja housing system, or Homestead System as it is officially called allows you to purchase a house in Chizuru, Ehime Prefecture or City Scenes – Tokyo. Players above level 50 may purchase a villa and decorate it. Furthermore, you can hire a housekeeper, which can be one of your allies if you have enough friendship points. If something breaks down in your house, you can call a repairman to take care of it.

This Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System update brings tons of events, a new Soul Mate system, the new Plankton Island Story, and a lot more. Read all about it below.

Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System update – May 7, 2020

Fighter Class

1. The fifth class “Fighter” is officially available! New Cadet of Cassell College at your service!
The fighters from the mysterious far eastern land will join Cassell College with their mecha partner – Titan! Multiple combo, infinite pursue and strongest merging! Let's make the storm-like punches come even fiercer! Players who reach Lv. 70 and complete Lv. 69 main quest story can perform Class-change at the Class Transfer NPC in Cassell College.

2. Warm Homestead System available!
Buy a house in Romantic Seaside View – Chizuru, Ehime Prefecture or City Scenes – Tokyo. There are 15 communities in 3 major cities. The luxurious villa is now available for sale! The players at Lv. 50 or above may now go to the related Real-estate NPC on the map to pick a community and purchase their very own fine villa. Purchasing house now also grants set furniture! After purchasing the villa, you may modify the homestead freely with beautiful decoration materials and gorgeous furniture. You can place them freely whether they are floors, doors, windows, tables, or household appliances. It's time to build your very own romantic homestead!
If it is possible, why don't you hang out at your friend's home. If you also like their homestead, you can also gift them homestead gift to express your feeling of bless! While you are watching television, playing piano, and enjoying the service of utility, don't forget to pay for the utility fees.

3. Homestead Housekeeper System available!
Part I – Cleaning Housekeeper
Your warm little homestead might sometimes get dirty, make sure to clean them daily. If you are busy with saving the world, you may hire homestead housekeeper! You may now hire your friends or allies as your homestead housekeeper. They will be able to help you clean the homestead! The housekeeper will go to work on time during 8:00-22:00! If you wish to hire a friend or ally, you need to wait for the Friendship Rating to reach a certain level for them to accept your invitation! As the master, you also need to pay a few Household funds daily as their salary.

Part II – Repairman
Your furniture might break down after a while, you need to repair them! What should you do if the villa is too big? You may call to get repair service. The professional repairman will come to your homestead to repair every broken furniture, only at the cost of a very few household funds.

Part III – Cleanliness Rating
Are you worried that you can't afford to hire housekeeper or repairman? The “Clean Community” rating event initiated by the deputy community leader, Water, is on going now! Larger the size of the homestead and less garbage on the ground or dirty and damaged furniture in the homestead mean higher cleanliness rating of the homestead! The community leader Water will issue household funds and Rainbow Potion as the rewards of the rating. Keep your homestead clean daily to gain a higher rating and rewards!

4. “Sell” and “Move” features of the homestead are now available!
Dragon Raja Real-estate Center now takes second-hand houses. You may sell your homestead if you have already purchased a villa. While you are selling homestead, every decoration and furniture will be purchased at original price by the center! Do you want to move to the community where your friends are at? After the “Move” feature is available, you may now pick the community again! While you are moving, you may now use uniformed community decoration or use your original decoration for the new home!

Dragon Raja Fighter class and Home System update

5. Pet Mate is available!
You can team up with your friends to search for Pet Mate Ambassador. You can form pet Mate and perform daily interaction cultivation to breed the pets of the next generation! The pet of the next generation has a chance to increase pet's star level, pet's stats, unlock pet skin and Special Effects, as well as new advanced chip slots!

6. Pet Star Array and Pet House are available!
Increasing the Star Array level can increase the pet's stats in the squad. Performing star array starization can increase the pet's stats conversion rate in the squad. Your cute pets now got homes too! The player at Lv. 60 or above may now open at the pet house interface and upgrade pet house to gain exclusive cute pet furniture! You can also claim pet's gifts after 20:00 daily!

7. “Soul Mate” system is now available!
The connection without words, the bond that goes beyond distance. “Soul Mate” relation is now officially online! You may now team up with the people with bond to go to church. You may form soul Mate once you have talked with the NPC of Soul Mate and completed the conditions. Each player can form 3 pairs of Soul Mates at most.
Love Connection Feature: Have you ever wondered how your Soul Mate feels? The exclusive Love Connection feature of Soul Mate lets you understand their sadness and happiness. Deliver a cup of hot coffee while your Soul Mate feels cold. Receive your Soul Mate's Heart-Shaped Bento while you are hungry, you can also deliver your missing for your Soul Mate!
Soul Mate Patrol: Let's have a sweet patrol with our Soul Mate! Ride the pink Venus, start your very own sweet journey from Ehime Prefecture! Both players who have started the patrol will gain: Moon Goddess Set (Including Outfit, Hairstyle, and Head Accessory; 1 day only), Candy Pack*10, Soul Mate Box*6. Other players who have joined the patrol will also gain Patrol Souvenirs (3 times daily) and Lar. Cru Svnr Box (once per week)!

8. Whole New Story: Plankton Island Story Update!
The awakening of Light King is close! The amazing metropolis, Tokyo, is facing a crushing disaster. At this critical moment, a very important figure has showed up in front of everyone, bringing gift of hope and despair. At the edge of the doomsday of this world, should there be a hero who can stand fort and stop this infinite disaster? The future, shall be witnessed by you!

9. Club Real-time Voice System is online officially! The voice helper for the Club Contests leaders and various events is here!
The club President and Battle Leader may turn on Club Voice Chatting to allow the club members to chip in with their voices. You may tune in and listen in real-time, ensuring a more timely communication within the club!

10. Enhance Effect “Lycoris Radiata” is updated.

11. Bonding Anniversary Red Packet Feature is available!
The couple who has created a bond, reached anniversary for more than 1 month may team up to NPC Cissy, Cassell College and issue server-wide red packet to share your sweet and joy!

12. Bag Free Expansion! When the character reaches Lv. 80, 85, 90, or 95, 5 bag slots will be automatically unlocked.

13. The titles for the top 3 at “Career Superstar” and “Open Shop” have been upgraded to Image Title! Multiple lives await you!

Contents for event update:

1. “Dream Home” event is available!
The newly founded real-estate companies are now handing out flyers! Gather “I”, “II”, “III”, “IV” Flyers and deliver them to the real-estate promoter to gain some surprising gifts. From the update to May 20th (Server Time), the player can seek Huangzen Akari Cassell College to accept the quest. After completing the quest, the player can gain ample EXP, Gold, Claw Machine Coin, and Gratitude Encounter Pack! Unlocking Gratitude Encounter Pack has a chance to gain Random Lv. 8 Elemental Gem, Paint Can, Special Nutrients and other rare items!

2. “Design Master” event is available!
How do you like the building? Do you know anything about what your allies like? How about teaming up with your friends to challenge Design Master? From the update to May 20th (Server Time), players can join hands with their partners and seek Chiba Natsuki at Cassell College to accept the quest. After completing the quest, the player can gain ample Gold and Exp! If you can earn a good grade, you may also gain Gratitude Encounter Pack!

3. Lucky Tarot event starts!
From the update to May 27th (Server Time), players have chance to get rare rewards like Meow’s Joy outfit, Meow’s Joy – Hair, Avatar – Aggrieved Little Monster, Frame – Dog Planet Governor and Chat Background – Sunny Side Up from Lucky Tarot. Also you have chance to get gem pack, EVO Gem Pack, Motor Spray and Enhance Set. If you flip over all tarot cards, you can get super gifts including limited bonus title, moments Pendant and necklace.

4. Daily Offer Rewards New Overhaul. Special Offer Pack has now been added with Pet Star Array materials and other valuable items. It offers even more discounts. You can gain World Tree Emblem from Daily Offer pack, which can be used to redeem more mysterious gifts!

5. In Gacha, the Motor – Crownless King is removed and Motor – Nidhogg's Fury has been re-added. Aslo we’ve added more items like new Star Array material and Gems.

6. More rewards added for Carnival Ticket exchange. Now you can use the Carnival Ticket to redeem Avatar – Electric Call, Chat Background – Cassell's Morning, Plan – Dream Messenger, Tattoo – Living Day and Night, Head Accessory – Sunny Boy, Chat Bubbles – Autumn Poem, Avatar – Moon Rabbit and Outfit – Dream Guardian.

7. Household funds added in Weekend Carnival and Daily Red Packets. Gather your household funds and deploy your warm homestead!

8. More rewards added for Team Leader Scores exchange. Now you can redeem Bonus Avatar – Mad Monsterling, Bonus Title – Lemon Summer and Chat Bubbles – Lemon Summer!

9. More rewards added for Competition Points exchange. Now you can redeem Weekly Star Array Pack, Tattoo – X Imprint, Bonus Title – Polar Star, Bonus Title – Doomblade.

10. Optimized some localization expressions.

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