Dragon Raja global launch is uncensored, you can romance NPCs

Dragon Raja global launch

Some new info on the Dragon Raja global launch just surfaced and there are a few tidbits that are worth sharing with you. During a Discord session with admin Rabbie, many players decided to ask about specific aspects of the game. Some of the answers are very interesting, so read on to know what you can expect when the game releases in February 2020.

But first of all, some context may come in handy. Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG crafted with Unreal Engine 4 by Archosaur Games, previously known as Loong Entertainment. The game launched in China last year, where Tencent is handling publishing duties, but the devs themselves are taking care of the Dragon Raja global launch.

Dragon Raja Global Launch FAQ | Is Dragon Raja uncensored?

Dragon Raja global launch FAQ

And now, let's examine the questions and the replies. One user asked if the global launch is going to be censored, claiming that some of the clothing seems to be more covered up in China and Taiwan. Apparently, players in North America and Europe are getting the uncensored version, so feel free to create those scantily-clad characters.

You have several ways to login and play Dragon Raja. You can do it via your Facebook account, Twitter, Google, VK, LINE, or just play as guest. However, if you use this last one and decide to delete the game or change devices, your progress will naturally be lost forever.

While this is described as the global launch, a Dragon Raja SEA release will come out soon after. It will also be handled by Archosaur Games.

The game was inspired by a novel written by a Chinese writer. Rabbie is referring to Jiang Nan, who has published the story in six volumes, spanning from 2010 to 2015.

The Dragon Raja classes are descendants of human dragon hybrids, so perhaps this explains their powers and role in the story. You can romance NPCs in the game, but this is merely described as an affinity system, so it's unclear just how far you can go with your virtual loved one. We do know that you can dance with your friends, as there are dance parties waiting for you.

As for monetization, the team says that you don't have to purchase equipment with real money, and that you can get it by playing the PvE portion and attending daily quests.

The Dragon Raja release date is slated for February 2020, on Android and iOS devices.


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