Dragon Raja home system is coming in May, add a little Sims to your MMO

dragon raja home system

Archsaur Games is once again teasing the imminent launch of the Dragon Raja home system. The popular mobile MMORPG already has this housing system in place in the Chinese version, and has recently mentioned that global players will get it during May 2020.

Furthermore, it is likely that the housing update brings a huge guest as well – the new Fighter class. This is the fifth Dragon Raja class, and we already know that there's a sixth one available in China, called Scythe. But now we're discussing the new housing system update, so check the Dragon Raja classes guide if you want to.

Building a house in Dragon Raja isn't too different from what we know from Electronic Arts' The Sims. It's all about laying the foundations and then decorating the interior with a myriad of furniture and decorative items. Obviously, most of these cost some gold, but there should be a few items that you can use for free.

After building your lovely new home, you can invite your friends over and throw a massive party. The trailer below should give you a good picture of what's in store with the upcoming Dragon Raja home system.

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