Dragon Raja Puppeteer class released in China, watch some gameplay

Dragon Raja Puppeteer class released

The Dragon Raja Puppeteer class released in China today, after a few teasers. This is the 7th class to be released for the sci-fi fantasy MMORPG, which had four classes at launch. The global version is quickly catching up to the Chinese servers, with the Fighter and Reaper classes already available in North America and Europe.

The Puppeteer or Puppet Master class seems to have a bond with paper. The class' weapon is a tiny puppet which can be summoned to transform into a huge puppet. You can use it for several skills which seem to be based on magical effects and DPS.

We wouldn't exclude the possibility of seeing the Dragon Raja Puppeteer class global release in two or three months, judging by the impressive rate of content updates. The definite name for the English version is anyone's guess, considering that the Scythe class was – cleverly – renamed Reaper for the global servers, but Puppeteer sounds just right for the bulk of the class.

Watch the Dragon Raja Puppeteer class gameplay below thanks to YouTuber MMOJackX57, along with the new weapons and outfits.

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