Dragon Raja Scythe class gameplay showcases new role in amazing MMO

Dragon Raja Scythe class gameplay

Dragon Raja, the highly anticipated mobile MMORPG from Archosaur Games is about to get a global release in February 2020. While English players will get to choose from four classes at launch, China recently released its sixth class, the Scythe. Below you can see some detailed Dragon Raja Scythe class gameplay thanks to Rendermax.

According to Rendermax, you can't pick one of the additional two classes right from the beginning. These are locked behind story progress, so you have to go with one of the initial Dragon Raja classes at the start: Gunslinger, Blade Master, Assassin, or Soul Dancer.

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By the way, the Dragon Raja story is really good, personally speaking, featuring a cast of interesting characters and a plot-line that takes you through several countries. There are many cutscenes to drive the story forward, and the world has many interaction points, way more than what you expect from a traditional MMORPG. You can use many objects just for the sake of it, such as phone booths, swings, chairs, play the guitar, and many other options.

To unlock the Dragon Raja Scythe class, you must complete the main quest on level 69. Afterwards, head over to speak to the NPC that enables class transfer and unlock. This allows you to play with the Scythe class or any other class that you choose to unlock. This way, you don't have to create a second class from the beginning of the game and level it up unless you wish to.

The Dragon Raja mobile MMORPG is not to be confused with the older game of the same name. It is based on a popular novel by a Chinese author and tells the story of a gifted group of students who are going to fight dragons, which have awoken from a long slumber. Crafted using Unreal Engine 4, the visuals are stunning and draw comparisons to the likes of Blade and Soul and the Final Fantasy series.

Watch the new Dragon Raja Scythe class gameplay. In a few weeks you should be able to play this game in Android, iOS, or by downloading the Dragon Raja apk to run on an Android emulator.

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