Dragon Raja Store Owner Career revealed, release date coming soon

Dragon Raja Store Owner Career

Contrary to what some in-game tips led us to believe, the third Dragon Raja career isn't Photographer. Archosaur Games has lifted the lid on the career that is following Superstar and Cuisines, revealing what players can embark in when it releases soon. After unveiling some screenshots of empty stores, many players guessed it right: the Dragon Raja Store Owner career is the third career in this amazing MMORPG. Officially, the third career is called Open Shop.

Triss, the spokesperson for the official Dragon Raja community, confirms that the housing system is coming in the future, as we've told you before, but you'll get the Store Owner career before that.

Being a Store Owner means that you'll get to sell your food and sculptures, upgrading your store as your revenue increases. You'll start with a small shop, but in a bit of time you'll be able to expand into a luxurious store with plenty of room for your customers. You can also hire shop assistants to ease your task, including the allies that you've grown to know and love. Let's hope NoNo doesn't go psycho while tending to the customers' requests, and that Erii is capable of saying more than two words while addressing someone. Johann Chu can also be hired, and Chisei Gen is another likely candidate – I guess that his dream of selling sun-lotion in nudist beaches in France just has to wait.

While everything pointed to becoming a Photographer, it looks like that career path is being saved for a future release. Who knows, it could be the fourth career coming to Dragon Raja?

There is no set date for the release of the Dragon Raja Store Owner career, but updates tend to come at a steady pace, so let's speculate a bit. Perhaps late April could be a good release date for the store owner path?

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