Dragon Slayer is coming to the west as Dragomon Hunter

Do you recall X-Legend Entertainment's Dragon Slayer, the game that was developed by the Taiwan-based studio before work moved on to Astral Realm? Well, this game is coming this fall to North America and Europe. Unsurprisingly, it's Aeria Games that is bringing Dragomon Hunter, as the publisher already brought other X-Legend games, the latest one being Aura Kingdom aka Fantasy Frontier Online.

As for Dragomon Hunter, the focus seems to have shifted from the Dragons of the original title and into a more Pokémon kind of approach (the ‘mon' in the title points to that), with the player tasked to defeat and collect over 100 Dragomon, somewhat in a Monster Hunter style. The official site is already open and accepting beta sign ups. You can watch the Dragomon Hunter announcement trailer below.


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