Dragon’s Prophet calls it quits in North America

Dragons are probably going to rest a lot easier when November comes, as Daybreak Game Company (previously Sony Online Entertainment) has just announced that Dragon's Prophet is about to cease operations in North America. This MMORPG from Runewaker, makers of Runes of Magic, is going to shut down on November 16, 2015. Dragon's Prophet “will continue to operate in Europe and Asia under different publishers”, as the discontinuation is only for the North American servers.

If you still want to try Dragon's Prophet before it definitely closes, you can do so, and “most items in the Dragon’s Prophet in-game marketplace will be reduced to low Daybreak Cash prices”, although the most fair would probably be to make them completely free.

Dragon's Prophet was hyped as a great game, but it fell below expectations. It never fulfilled its potential and just stood there, as an okay-ish game that had a few neat ideas but was deeply flawed.

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  • SUEEY!!

    Nobody definietly saw that coming -__-

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  • Chaz Thompson

    “was hyped as a great game.”
    …by who? There wasn’t one screenshot, one video, not even one idea that made anyone I know go ‘wow, that’s going to be great!’.

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  • prometheus126

    Hyped as a great game? When? I don’t recall that EVER happening.

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    • I recall that since it was coming from the makers of Runes of Magic (one of the most important early f2p MMOs), there were big expectations for it. So much that SOE got to publish it.

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      • Verismo

        Yeah, I remember the small hype train. Then when it came out, it fell flat on its face… Lots of issues and the game was pretty bland in general.

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