Dragon’s Prophet studio reveals Embergarde

After the initial tease, the upcoming game from Runewaker, the Taiwanese studio responsible for Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet, has just been revealed (thanks MMOCulture). Contrary to what was expected, this isn't a third-person MMORPG as the previous two games of the developer, but more of an isometric hack and slash action RPG in the style of Diablo. It will be facing some tough competition from Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance.

Embergarde includes randomized dungeons, something that is described as the highlight of the game (and curiously, Lineage Eternal also has that feature). Currently there are four playable classes and the game's development is 80% complete. The game runs on the in-house RENA game engine and while this isn't the official announcement, there is already some talk about Runewaker looking for an English publisher, something that makes sense considering its previous games were released in the west.

Here are a couple of Embergarde videos.


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