Drakensang Online is getting its largest expansion ever

One of the most popular free-to-play action MMORPGs ever, Drakensang Online is getting its largest expansion ever during the summer, Bigpoint has revealed. The expansion will bring a while new continent (Lor’Tac – the World’s Heart), an increased level cap (from 45 to level 50), new NPCs and monsters, as well as a wealth of in-game and graphical improvements. The skill and talent system will be completely overhauled for the four playable classes.

Lor’Tac will lead into a completely new part of Drakensang´s world Dracania, and will appear heavily influenced by Aztec and Polynesian culture. Set in a tropical rain forest, the player will fight in more than 10 new maps against more than a dozen new monsters and encounter two new tribes.

Even better, Bigpoint is removing the Crystals of Truth from the game altogether. These crystals were needed to identify a looted item before being able to equip, but they were rare or expensive to obtain, and were one of the main reasons for some players calling Drakensang Online pay-to-win. The ‘Essences’ power-up was also changed, so it no longer does any damage in PvP, and breaking the balance of the fights. Previous premium feature ‘auto-collect’ of gold and other currencies is now also available for everyone.

The Dwarf character class, which was only available to premium members or players level 35 and up, is now available to all players for free.

With all these changes and visual improvements, as well as over 900 quests and 90 maps, Drakensang Online has a lot to offer for veteran and new players alike.


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